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SSH-connection to the CIP-Pool PCs

All CIP-Pool PCs can be connected to, using Secure Shell (ssh) from the Internet. You can log onto, as well as the clients, e.g., provided the respective client is up. This gives you access to your data and enables you to use applications (e.g. maple) from anywhere.


Remote access is activated for all physics students and physics employees. Everyone else please ask for remote access with a short message to Please include the reason, why you need remote access, and the Id given to you from the Rechenzentrum.


max@homelike:~$ ssh's password: 
Linux ciphiidae 2.6.22-rc4-mm2 #6 SMP Fri Jun 29 14:37:56 CEST 2007 i686
Last login: Wed Jul  4 16:54:10 2007 from

Log onto any client works the same way as above.

max@homelike:~$ ssh's password: 
Last login: Wed Jul  4 14:37:41 2007

If a graphical interface is needed, you can append the option -X (uppercase X, lowercase -x has the opposite effect; -Y on MacOs X), or use X2Go (see below).

The client is down...

Use the command ruptime on ciphiidae to find out, which clients are currently running.

voha51ek@ciphiidae:~$ ruptime
cip000       down    1+06:20
cip001       down    2+02:45
cip002       down    2+00:53
cip003         up       5:46,     3 users,  load 0.04, 0.05, 0.02

The same List is available online,

Login on graphical interface

Our X2Go server is ciphon. In order to connect to it, you need an X2Go client, which is either proveided by the package management of your operating system or available for download.

Settings for the session are:

... and there you go!

You can detatch from the session with x2gosuspend-session; and you can re-attach from anywhere.

To terminate your session, either


For Linux and any Unix OS (even new Macs): The Secure Shell (ssh) is part of the OS "out of the box".

For windows there are a lot of free/commercial applications. Some are

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